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Isobel Fennell

New Business Coordinator

Isobel has been with LSO since 2012 and wears many hats in her role. She coordinates patient care, project manages work between the practice and contractors, and negotiates both new and current contracts.

Isobel is the course coordinator at OTT. She manages all the administrative processes for student registration and organises the hospitality for OT and MSc taught days. She coordinates the registration and delivery of courses on behalf of Health Education England and also seeks sponsorship.

Isobel has also been a patient at LSO where she has had a fixed appliance in preparation for her daughter’s wedding. She had waited over 30 years to have a smile that she was proud of. On the wedding day she displayed her new smile as many times in the day as she could!

At home Isobel enjoys spending time with her family, particularly her Granddaughter. She likes to knit, but alas struggles to finish all her well meaning gifts and crafty projects!

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