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Wearing Elastic Bands with your Braces

20 March 2020

Wearing Elastic Bands with your Braces

Elastic bands that you may be asked to attach onto hooks on your brace come in a variety of sizes and strengths. The elastic bands that we use at LSO are named after endangered animals; Hyena, panda, gorilla, tortoise, angel fish and jellyfish. The elastic bands are made of latex, or can be latex free if you have an allergy to latex.

Why do I need to wear elastic bands with my brace?

  • The braces are being used to straighten your teeth, but elastic bands will improve the way your top and bottom teeth bite together.
  • They will need to help improve the way your teeth bite together from:
    - Front to back
    - Top to bottom
    - Side to side

Does everyone who has a brace need to wear elastic bands?

  • Most people that have a fixed brace here at LSO will likely be asked to wear elastic bands at some stage in their treatment.

Do I have to wear my elastic bands all the time?

  • Yes, in most cases you will be advised to wear your elastics full time, except for brushing your teeth and when wearing a gumshield for contact sports, unless instructed differently by the team.
  • If you have been asked to wear your elastic bands all the time, you will need to change them at least twice a day (usually when brushing your teeth), but replace them during the day if they snap. You will be given plenty of elastic bands to last you between orthodontic appointments.
  • If you have been asked to, and you choose not to wear your elastic bands all the time then they will not work properly and your treatment may take longer than planned, and the result may be compromised.

Where do I wear my elastic bands?

  • They usually go between the top and the bottom brace and attach onto hooks on the brace
  • You will not necessarily be asked to wear the same elastic band on the right and left sides
  • Sometimes you may be only asked to wear an elastic band on one side of the mouth
  • A diagram on the back of your elastic band packet will help you to remember where you wear your elastic bands.
  • We recommend that after your elastic bands have been fitted during your appointment you take a photograph on your phone to help you to remember where they attach.
Class 2 Cross Elastics
Short Class 2 Full Lateral Box
Class 2 V Anterior Box
Class 3 Triangular
Class 3 V Zigzag

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