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Patient Journey


You should expect to be at the practice for about 1 hour and you will not leave wearing any braces! You will be introduced to the team and we will talk to you about any concerns you have about your teeth.  If x-rays of any other records are required this will be explained to you fully. Dr Cure will see you and advise you of your treatment options. The team will ensure that you leave with all your questions answered, ensuring you understand all treatment options discussed. Remember, the decision for treatment is entirely your own!


Before starting treatment all necessary records need to be gathered, to include x-rays, impressions for moulds of your teeth and photographs of you and your teeth. To take the impressions, a soft flavoured paste is put in your mouth in a tray over your teeth, which can feel a little cold and wet at first, it stays in your mouth for less than 1 minute until it sets hard and can be removed. Photographs are taken throughout treatment. We will ensure that all questions you have are answered as next time your brace will be fitted!


You will usually have a 1 hour appointment, fitting the brace takes approximately 45 minutes. There are no drills or injections involved in the procedure, the process is one of cleaning, washing, drying and sticking and your lips and cheeks will be held out of the way. There is nothing to be concerned about for the fitting of your brace, however straight afterwards your brace will feel strange and uncomfortable. We expect it to take from 7-10 days for you to get used to your brace and some general aching and discomfort can be expected for the first 3-4 days.
**See fixed appliance instructions for further info**


You should contact the practice if you have a problem and an emergency appointment will be arranged. You will see one of the orthodontic therapists and they will ask you about the problem. Your appliance will be repaired as necessary and will be made comfortable before you leave. Advice on appliance care will be reinforced if required.


Your fixed appliance will be checked and if your teeth are ready, the next strength of wire will be fitted. Any other general alterations will be made, sometimes including the removal or sticking of new brackets, build up of your turbo’s and sometimes fitting of hooks and elastics. All will be explained to you during the appointment. Routine photographs will be taken throughout treatment.


When yourself and Dr Cure are happy with the result your braces are removed and retainers are fitted within 24 hours. It is a quick process to remove the brace, each bracket is ‘clicked’ off one by one as the glue is broken with a small amount of pressure on each tooth. The remaining glue is then cleaned off by the hygienist after your brace has been taken off and impressions and photographs will be taken. We then see you the next day to fit your removable retainers and instructions on wear will be given.
**see Retention Consent Leaflet**