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What Can I Eat

Eating with a brace on can be difficult at first and you may experience many moments of hunger because you are wary of what you can eat. Please be assured that the difficulties will pass and you will find that you can eat as you did before your appliance was fitted. A few tips on helpful ingredients to make eating easy on your teeth are:

  • Choose low acidic ingredients such as bananas, mangoes, melons, soups, pasta, milk, dairy foods, vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood and eggs
  • Choose a recipe that is easy to bite and chew, keeping vegetables chopped small or very softly cooked Remember that starchy foods can stick to your teeth and may cause harm so keep snacks such as crisps to a minimum. Why not choose wraps, tortilla or pitta to replace conventional breads and consider dishes such as risotto or lasagna for minimum chewing and crunching.
  • Try using porridge and porridge based cereals at breakfast rather than muesli or toast.
  • As you know, drinks and foods with high acid content have the most potential for harm. Some of these may appear quite health-giving, such as fruits and their juices, fruit tea and balsamic vinegar, but the acids they contain temporarily soften tooth enamel and can lead to a condition called acid erosion. Be wary of carbonated drinks or over-consumption of anything with a lot of vinegar, such as salad dressings or pickles.

You may wish to try some of the recipes in this free downloadable guide produced by the British Orthodontic Society


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