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Equality & Diversity


Leamington Spa Orthodontics Ltd is committed to providing equal opportunities in its provision of care for all service users (patients, parents / guardians) regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, colour, ethnic or national origin and religion.


To ensure that this policy is operating effectively (and for no other purpose) the practice maintains records of service user’s racial origins, gender and disability. Ongoing monitoring and regular analysis of such records provide the basis for appropriate action to eliminate unlawful direct and indirect discrimination and promote equality of opportunity to care.


The practice will fulfill its obligations under the Sex Discrimination Act, the Race Relations Act, the Disability Discrimination Act, the Re-habilitation of Offenders Act, The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 and other relevant Acts and Codes of Practice to ensure that it operates fairly in the recruitment, promotion, transfer, training and dismissal of employees. It is the intention of the practice to follow not only the letter of the law but also the spirit of the law.


The practice expects the full co-operation of all team members in promoting equality of opportunity and they will have a duty to consider the impact of their actions on a day-to-day level. All written communications is checked to ensure that the language is non-discriminatory and gender neutral. 

The Practice Management Team is responsible for ensuring that the policy is communicated effectively and is being implemented. If a service user feels that s/he has been a victim of discrimination s/he must immediately raise the issue with the Quality Assurance Manager. The practice will not tolerate acts of unlawful discrimination and all complaints or incidents of such alleged behaviour that are within the practice remit will be treated with necessary confidentiality and investigated, and appropriate action taken. Those who have raised a complaint under equal opportunities legislation will not be victimised. A team member found guilty of discrimination will be disciplined following the Disciplinary Procedure and this may lead to dismissal or contract termination if the team member is self-employed.